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Shaka Zulu Film: 'We are Growing' lyrics And Video (Margaret Singana)

  • Sunday, June 19, 2011
  • Samuel Albert
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  • Those that have seen the Shaka Zulu series produced by the South African Broadcasting Corporation in 1989 will mostly remember this anthem, 'We are Growing'. This is a song sang by one of the best South African music exports Margaret Singana. It is one of those few songs that capture your attention in ways few songs can. This lady was a great singer and will always be remembered for her skills. May we all join her in saying Bayethe Inkosi. As my ngoni ancestors used to sing 'Umhlaba kawunoniUqed' amakhosi-khosi Siyakufel' emhlabeni na? Nhi hi hi hi!  and I would add uqed' amakhosikazi for she was a prince of Zulu music. Below are the words of the song.

    we are men off greatness now,
    a men so tall a men so kind,
    we are men off he's come now,
    we are men off kindness now,
    a men so be and strong mind,
    this is what you are,
    this is how we planned now,
    this is what to be,
    and that kind of men now,
    this is what to see,
    with that kind of meaning,
    this is what to feel,
    with that kind of feeling,

    we are growing,
    growing malamhaja (3x)

    hear the children, (2x)
    they are talking to you,
    hear the wind blow, (2x)
    it is coming for you,
    see the grass grow, (2x)
    it wispers his name,
    see the flame blow, (2x)
    it's hard to the flame

    aheja (3x)

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